RET Won The First Place On The Reliability Rating in Russia


Regarding the performance rating of 2016 and as per the Federal State Statistics Service report, Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri (RET) earned the reliability rating of “AAA”.

As per 9 principal criteria of the Russian classification, Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri (RET) was awarded the first place (according to it’s core activity, defined by the Classifier of Types of Economic Activities (OKVED) 45.2 as “Construction of buildings and structures”).

All related information can be found on the Russian business websites, at

Regarding the annual branch national business-rating, Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri (RET) was given the rank of BRANCH LEADER 2016.

Please see below the national certificate BRANCH LEADER 2016 given to Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri (RET).

In addition to this, executives and specialists from our company also received the following awards:

• Mustafa Kemal Ozakay – “Businessman of the Year” certificate and “Successful management” award

• Hakan Malta –  “Professional” certificate and order

• Sergey Kluyev – “Professional” certificate and order

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