RET undertakes construction of The Kubshevazot Sulfuric Acid Production Plant


The client, Volgatechnool LLC, awarded RET a contract for mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation works for a sulfuric acid and improved oleum production plant project in Togliatti, Russia. The total capacity will be 500,000 tons per year.

Volgatechnool LLC is a subsidiary of KuibyshevAzot PJSC, one of the leading companies in the Russian chemical industry.

This is our second cooperation with KuibyshevAzot.

RET signed the contract on May 24, 2019.


Project Name: Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works for the erection of a sulfuric acid and oleum plant

Location: Togliatti, Russia

Client: Volgatechnool LLC (100% subsidiary of KuibyshevAzot)

Capacity: 1,500 tons per day

Term of Contract: 2019–20 (13 months)

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