RET’s international experience and network of construction resources, its extensive experience with local country laws and regulations, as well as its ability to adapt quickly to the new requirements of new locations, facilitate the efficiency of project management enormously and enable the company to quickly mobilize construction equipment and construction crews to the construction site.

RET has also excelled and is well known for its ability to manage construction workforces from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. Thus one of the human resources policy of RET is to always employ and train local labor to the highest degree possible. Thus, add a value to each project and contribute to the local economy. Fields covered by RET’s own workforce include: building works, civil engineering, mechanical equipment erection, piping erection, electrical and instrumentation installation, construction of pipelines, electromechanical and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) services for building works, utility networks and special finishing trades. 

RET possesses large assets with its own construction equipment and machinery including heavy cranes. The company also uses sophisticated management controls to plan and monitor large complex projects, in order to ensure safe, timely and the highest quality construction.